H.H. Princess Maria Amor DD, Los Angeles, Founder of “We care for Humanity”

“…I highly commend what you are doing for the victims and survivors. Empowering them and showing you care and there’s life after tragedy and most of all raising awareness to help the victims. My deepest respect and you can always count on my support…”

Doreen Fiedler

Ms Doreen Fiedler, German House

“…I am deeply impressed and hope I can contribute by raising awareness in Germany through my article..”


Mr Ivar Andersen, Journalist, Stockholm, Sweden

“.. thank you so much for the important work you are doing helping the women who have fallen survivor to this horrible crime. We are proud to tell the story about your work..”

Kayte Fairfax

Ms Kayte Fairfax, Journalist, London, UK

“..I greatly appreciate your time and dedication to this issue and to survivors…”

Mr Amit Madheshiya

Mr Amit Madheshiya, Journalist, Mumbai

“.. The foundation is doing a great job and I am very happy to see your work with the survivors of acid violence…”

Mary Ziegenhagen

Ms Mary Ziegenhagen, Photographer, Berlin Germany

“…I am glad that people like you exist. You are doing great work..”

Mina Lourghi

Ms Mina Lourghi, Journalist, Berlin, Germany

“..You are doing amazing work and I am very happy that I had the chance to meet you..”

Mr Tom Burnes

Mr Tom Burnes, London, England

“…your survivors are quite incredible and the work you do is with them is amazing..”

Sandra Weller

Ms Sandra Weller, Berlin, Germany

“…I appreciate the work you are doing and hope that laws in India will be improved regarding acid attack cases..”


Mr. Mauro De Bettio, Belluno, Italy

“…It was an honour to collaborate with ASWWF…”